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Cleveland, Ohio – A Swinging Election Day Favorite

Cleveland, Ohio (Photo Credit: Spatulated)

Just in time for Election Day 2012, we’re bringing you the top songs about Cleveland, which sits on the shore of Lake Erie in the most populous county in the (swing) state of Ohio.

Top Ten Songs About Cleveland

  1. Cleveland Rocks – Ian Hunter (iTunes | Amazon) The city’s de facto anthem first appeared on Hunter’s 1979 anthem and was meant as an affectionate counter so the city’s common reputation
  2. Look Out Cleveland – The Band (iTunes | Amazon) Rockin’ 1970 track gives Cleveland a heads up – with a shout out to Houston
  3. Cuyahoga – R.E.M.  (iTunes | Amazon) Alternative ditty about the polluted Cuyahoga River, which caught fire several times – most famously in 1969
  4. My Town – Michael Stanley Band (iTunes | Amazon) Michael Stanley’s 1983 heartland rock track reminesces about his hometome of Clevelend
  5. Ohio – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (iTunes | Amazon) Neil Young wrote this single in protest after seeing photos of 1970’s Kent State shootings in LIFE magazine
  6. Burn On – Randy Newman (iTunes | Amazon) Another ode to the fire-catching Cuyahoga River – fire free since 1969
  7. The Heart of Rock and Roll – Huey Lewis & the News (iTunes | Amazon) Legend says that Lewis’ original lyrics were “The heart of rock of roll is in Cleveland” instead of “still beating” in memory of a great concert there. Regional variations still include the city’s name
  8. Cleveland Rocks – Presidents of the United States of America (iTunes | Amazon) The POTUS(OA) covered Ian Hunter’s classic in 1997 for the opening song of the Drew Carey Show
  9. Youngstown – Bruce Springsteen (iTunes | Amazon) Springsteen spins a tale of iron discovery, industrialization and collapse in nearby Youngstown, Ohio.
  10. Ohio – The Black Keys (iTunes | Amazon) Prodigal sons – and sometimes accused sell-outs – The Black Keys yearn for their home state in this rocking modern track

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Cleveland Photo: spatulated